The Hip Replacements
is a musical act that every audience falls in love with. Lori Gretz' silky smooth lead vocals are truly, in a word, breathtaking. Barry Gretz' guitar playing runs the gamut from finger-style delicacy to hard-driving rock anthems, and his vocals harmonize beautifully with Lori's.

Together, their sound sets them several notches above your typical bar or wedding band. The songs they sing are also guaranteed audience pleasers, being the best-loved popular hits of the last seventy years, including Sinatra, Cole Porter, Patsy Cline, the Ronettes, the Beatles, CSN&Y, James Taylor, Carole King, Linda Ronstadt, Eagles, U-2, Garth Brooks, and Norah Jones, among many, many others. Their sets can have you laughing over memories of "the good old days", up on the dance floor, and often both! The Hip Replacements perform as a duo, and they are joined by bassist/ vocalist/ DJ Bill Schaedler for a show with even more beauty, excitement and musical fun. For the full palette of rock and roll styles, they add drums and/or lead guitar. Each show is hand-crafted to satisfy the preferences of that particular audience.


If you love having the Hip Replacements perform where you like to go, we hope you'll tell the management about it: if we were there, let them know you hope they'll have us back. If we've never been there, tell them to bring us in!!


When I was growing up, my household was filled with all kinds of music. I loved them all, and I always sang along. Now I have the privilege of playing with talented musicians (my husband being one of them) and sharing that experience with audiences. Thank you all for coming and participating. Here's to living the dream!


Barry fell in love with rock n roll at age 12, when he saw the Beatles play the Ed Sullivan show. He loved their energy and charisma, and their precise harmonies on "This Boy" captivated him. Between his love of rock and the influence of his musical mom, he became expert in harmonizing with the lead vocalist. He has played in rock bands through the years, mostly in church, and is accomplished on guitar, bass guitar and keyboards. This is his first "vocal group". Barry's acoustic guitar playing somehow manages to convey all the musical colors that usually require a full rock band.


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